Top gear albania special autostrada

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Two teams build scrap cars to race a Bentley Bentayga 4x4 in a muddy off-road challenge uktvplay. Documentary about the Le Mans hour race, in which 84 people lost their lives uktvplay. Following three best friends engaged in the world of international car 'flipping' uktvplay.

Amateur racers design and build their own gravity-powered soapbox vehicles uktvplay.

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Adam and his Mobsteel crew turn worn out, run-down rides into steel masterpieces uktvplay. Top Gear playlist.

TG makes a cycle safety ad: the final film Series 21, Episode 5. Show more. Published on: 19 May What do you think?

Polar Special

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top gear albania special autostrada

Literally everybody. Tom Harrison. Rowan Horncastle. Got wood? Stephen Dobie. Drag race! Just imagine, though. Ollie Marriage. These are 10 of the worst supercars ever built. Here are 14 of Lamborghini's best creations. The top 50 best ever driving games: The sometimes-strange places BMW engines have ended up.Top Gear: Patagonia Special is a full length special that was aired as a two-part episode for the BBC car show Top Gear ; the first part was aired on 27 Decemberwhile the second part was aired a day later on 28 December.

The special sees hosts, Jeremy ClarksonRichard Hammondand James Mayusing a selection of cars with V8 engines to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the small-block V8 engine, on a journey across Chile and Argentinastarting from Bariloche and ending on the outskirts of Ushuaiaand includes the infamous scene involving the protesters that the presenters and their film crew encountered and the events that happened; it is the last Top Gear special to be filmed with the hosts, prior to Clarkson's exit from the show in March followed by Hammond, May, and Executive Producer Andy Wilman shortly afterwards.

The incident with the protesters was widely documented and reported by the media, prior to the broadcast of the special. Unlike previous specials, despite each part doing well to draw in viewers during Christmas week it was aired on, it received mixed reviews from fans and critics, many of whom felt that it was not as entertaining as past specials by the hosts.

All three presenters met in an area near Barilochewhere they brought and compared their cars. Clarkson had bought a Porschewhich both Hammond and May berated for being "boring". Hammond had bought a Ford Mustangwhich though both Clarkson and May initially liked, they pointed out the numerous flaws with the car, in that most of the car's features were "pointless".

May, arriving last, bought a Lotus Espritwhich was mocked outright by both Hammond and Clarkson for its unreliability and faults. The producers then presented them with a challenge; they were to drive from Bariloche to Butch Cassidy 's final resting place.

Amazed by the apparent ease of their challenge, the three set off towards their destination. Though May and Clarkson enjoyed the journey, Hammond's Mustang struggled, with poor steering and heavy fuel consumption, causing him to break down a mile and a half from the destination and be abandoned by May and Clarkson. When Hammond caught them up, they were informed by producers that they must continue driving southward to Ushuaia. Once there, they were to play a game of football using their cars.

Their route to Ushuaia - planned by Jeremy - took many odd turns along the way. The trio took a side road that ended up leading them to a strange area where the road essentially disappeared.

Eventually, they encountered an unstable bridge which they had to cross in their cars. May was the first to cross, who discovered that the end of the bridge led to a dead end, though chose not to inform Clarkson or Hammond about it.

After heading back, they encountered a swamp, which bogged down the Mustang and the Porsche. Clarkson admitted that the Lotus had been performing better than anyone had expected, as it had not suffered any breakdowns thus far. After stopping at their hotel for the night, Hammond became extremely upset with his drive along the route and sought to take control, taking them on a different route where he believed the roads would be better.

This route, however, ended up taking them on worse terrain than before, causing all three cars to struggle and Clarkson's Porsche to break down due to an electrical fault.The sixth episode was a special-edition entitled special from Boliviawhile the series was subsequently followed by four "Best Of Top Gear" specials, which aired within the initial months of during January and the beginning of February, and charted the best moments from Series 13 and Meanwhile, Hammond is at "Heathrow" to solve the problems caused by slow airport staff, to see if motorsport and a group of touring drivers can find out whether a catering truck, the mobile stairs, an articulated shuttle busa baggage train, an aircraft tug or an airport fire truck will become the basis for all airport vehicles in future, while filmmaker Guy Ritchie is on the test track as the latest star to get around it in the Lacetti.

In the opening episode of Series 14, the presenters were filmed taking a road trip in three grand tourers they had chosen across the country of Romania. While driving through the countryside, Clarkson commented on Romania as being " Borat country, with gypsies and Russian playboys ", in reference to the mockumentary that starred Sacha Baron Cohen as his fictional journalist character from Kazakhstanin which Cohen filmed a few scenes for the film in the country.

Because the film had already stirred controversy in the country, with a number of local Roma who had been involved in the film attempting to sue 20th Century Fox and Cohen, Romanian newspapers claimed that the comments had been "offensive" and had produced "bad publicity for their country", [2] with the Romanian Times also reporting that Clarkson had called Romania a " gypsy land". Further complaints were also made in regards to a scene in which Clarkson donned a pork pie hat and called it a "gypsy" hat, while commenting: "I'm wearing this hat so the gypsies think I am [another gypsy].

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High Speed Albanian Police Chase - Top Gear - BBC

Main article: List of Top Gear episodes. Broadcasters' Audience Research Board. Gandul in Romanian. Archived from the original on 12 December Archived from the original on 6 July Retrieved 16 April The Guardian. Retrieved 30 April Top Gear. List of episodes. Challenges Power Lap Times Races. Categories : British television seasons British television seasons Top Gear seasons.

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Build an electric car better than a G-Wiz. None of the presenters like feel that the G-Wiz is a good electric carso they decide to attempt to build their own which is much better. With Hammond taking on the car's chassis, suspension and brakes, May dealing with the power and propulsion, and Clarkson designing the interior and exterior, their initial creation is tested around Oxford and soon causes mayhem.TV Schedule. Sign In.

Top Gear Specials

Top Gear —. S16, Ep0. Error: please try again. S16, Ep1. The Ariel Atom, with a V8 engine, bhp-per-ton and a mph time under 2. Will it reach 60mph? Richard plays with a Porsche - again. A race with a Top Gear twist Jeremy drives a practical car that you can afford - the Skoda Yeti, and puts it through some rather unusual tests.

S16, Ep2. With disciplines including rallying, drifting and an Aussie version of double-decker car racing, it's an all-out grudge match that will almost certainly end in tears. S16, Ep3. S16, Ep4. The boys are tasked with buying cheap second hand convertibles to see which is best, but all end up buying BMW i convertibles so have to come up with different tests; Jeremy pays tribute to the "final" Pagani Zonda and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are in the reasonably priced car.

S16, Ep5. S16, Ep6.

top gear albania special autostrada

Add Image S16, Ep7. Add Image S16, Ep8. Compilation show featuring the boys finding a use for unused combine harvesters during the snowy winters, Jeremy paying tribute to the "final" Pagani Zonda, Richard racing a Porsche Turbo S Cabriolet against a VW Beetle and Jonathan Ross in the reasonably priced car. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Tv-series I've seen. Share this page:. Clear your history.Specialsoriginally, were episodes of Top Gear in which the show's three presenters at the time, Jeremy ClarksonJames Mayand Richard Hammondhead to an international location for a road trip.

These specials differed from regular episodes insofar that they were longer than the standard sixty minute episodes; the Top Gear studio is only used at the beginning of the episodes and there are no power tests or SIARPC segments.

Generally, these specials aired at Christmas time during each Winter series. Though often disputed, there were eleven specials broadcast over nine separate years, the first one being the Winter Olympics Special which aired in as the finale for Series 7.

This special was different from the others as it did not feature a road trip, with the first of the familiarly-formatted specials being the USA Special in The show's final special, the Patagonia Specialaired inas a prelude to Top Gear's twenty-second series. Typically, the specials were one-off episodes but later the format changed - in the AfricaBurmaand Patagonia Specials, which were broadcast in two parts.

Special episodes were revived in the presenters' successive show, The Grand Tourwith a two-part special set in Namibia, entitled The Beach Buggy Boyshaving aired in late December A second special, set in Colombiaoriginally intended to air in between Series 2 and Series 3ended up as two-parter episodes for the latter, increasing its episode total to Prior to that, a "mini-special" set in Mozambiqueserved as the finale to the second series due to Hammond's accident and Clarkson's near-fatal bout of pneumonia.

A third special set in Mongolia aired during the third season.

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The fourth seson kicked off with a special set in South East Asia. A special in Madagascarhas been filmed for the show's forthcoming fourth season. After the format and host changes, Specials did not return for the Chris Evans format as well as the Matt LeBlanc format. Before the twenty-seventh season finale of Top Gear, it was announced that a one-off Christmas special would air in The special was filmed in Septemberalong with some of the show's forthcoming twenty-eighth series.

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top gear albania special autostrada

Survival of the Fattest. Untitled Madagascar Special.The Top Gear we know and love, the global phenomenon that is watched by million around the world, is gone. The show will continuebut the days of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond have come to an end, with the final episode of the Clarkson era having aired to little fanfare.

In the coming months, Chris Evans and a new set of co-hosts will take over Top Gearand the trio of original hosts will appear in a new show of their own. With that in mind, we look back at one of the best aspects of the series: the Top Gear Specials. From the North Pole to volcanoes in South America, from Vietnam to India, the hosts created something unique in many ways.

Check out our list below of all the Top Gear specials, from our favorite to our not so favorite. Let us know if you agree or disagree in the comments below! Top Gear is at its best when the show blurs the lines between scripted and unscripted moments. This special is like two separate episodes cut together. On one hand, you have the hosts pulling elaborate pranks and gags that are heavily scripted and just not that funny — a keen example of this is when they put banners on a train, and the banners then rip in half to spell obscene things.

On the other, the hosts get stuck on an insanely dangerous highway at night and the hosts freak out a bit. The latter is riveting, the other stuff is not.

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The result is a forgettable episode that oscillates from cringe-worthy moments to amazing driving. Rather than go on an incredible and frequently grueling trip to a remote corner of the world, the hosts head to Lillehammer, Norway in anticipation of the Winter Olympics held in Torino. There they put on what is essentially a regular episode, but with a slightly bigger budget compared to the other episodes of the time.

This special shows where the series is heading, and it provides some outright laughs as hosts engage in some wacky automotive engineering in order to show up the athletes. The Burma Special has some incredible moments, but it also tries a little too hard at times. It just feels a bit disconnected to hear the hosts fret about how isolated they are right before they come across a small, but well populated village. It ends up feeling forced. Now, with that all said, there are some genuinely funny, and genuinely wild moments as the pair drive beat up trucks that they heavily modify.

The forced narrative hurts a bit though, and the final challenge to build a bridge in homage to a brutal and horrific real event is also a but tacky. If this special were the only special, or if it belonged to another show, it would be a massive success. The episode has some amazing moments as the hosts try to find the true source of the Nile. There is also an especially epic traffic jam that is just shocking. That all works. It is still an excellent episode, just not as strong as the others.The series was preceded by two specials in Decemberthe first of which was aired on 21 December and entitled "East Coast Road Trip", with the special being an exception to others in that it had more studio segments and a "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car" segment within the episode; the second special was a full-length special edition entitled " Middle East Special ", which aired five days later on 26 December.

But upon finding that there are extensive speed limits on the Parkway that make it impossible to enjoy the road with their cars, the trio opt for a different plan, and head off on a road trip along the East Coaststarting in North Carolina.

On their trip, the trio visit North Wilkesboro Speedway and get permission from the mayor of North Wilkesboro to race on the former NASCAR circuit, stay at a chalet for the night overlooking the Virginia International Raceway before taking their cars around the circuit, and take part in a drive-by shooting challenge with a special set of targets.

Heading north, the boys make their way to their final destination - New York City - where there is a three-way race through Manhattan to see who will land a spot on an American TV show.

Meanwhile in the studio, the boys take a look through some interesting toys, while director Danny Boyle discusses his upcoming film Hours before seeing how he fared in the reasonably priced car.

Rating the Top Gear specials from best to not so best

Landing at Arbil International Airport in Iraqi Kurdistan by cargo planethe presenters face an extensive array of barriers and so find themselves trying to find a safe route to their final destination. Their trip ends with them guided to a nativity scenewhere they bring their gifts to the baby Jesus, only to make an unexpected discovery. On their trip, they see if they squeeze the "body" of a fat man into each car's boot, hold a drag race on an airfield, and try to escape from the Albanian police after " robbing a bank ".

Meanwhile, Hammond takes a look at his childhood heroes the Porsche and the Ferrari F40May gets to drive the Space Exploration Vehicle from NASAand John Prescott arrives in a chorus of boos as he sees how he fared in the reasonably priced car. Following the broadcast of the second episode of Series 16, controversy arose from the episode's News segment and the discussion between the presenters about Mexico's first supercar.

During the discussion, two of the hosts described Mexicans as being lazy and that no-one would complain because they were all too busy sleepingprovoking the Mexican ambassador, Eduardo Medina Morato accuse the presenters of resorting to "outrageous, vulgar and inexcusable insults to stir bigoted feelings against the Mexican people", while stating that the remarks were offensive, xenophobic and humiliating and reinforced negative stereotypes of Mexican people.

The Mexican comments were cut when the episode was broadcast in the United States. After the third episode of Series 16 was aired, the BBC received several complaints in regards to the road trip film, in which the presenters were finding a car suitable for the "Albanian Mafia". A number of complaints were directed to a segment of the film in which the presenters 'murdered' a fat Albanian and attempted to find out which of three car boots he would fit into the best, while the stereotypical views that Albania was a nest for mafia car thieves, were also criticised.

After the airing of earlier episode of the trio touring the US, which included upsetting people in the US due to politically incorrect phrases painted on their vehicles designed to cause controversy, [11] [ circular reference ] a viewer in the Southeastern US posted on the show's forum [12] suggesting, as presenter Jeremy Clarkson would often describe scenic roads they visits, that North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway was among the more scenic roads in the world.

They took the commenter's suggestion to heart and eventually this episode's premise was developed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Top Gear series 16 Promotional poster. Main article: List of Top Gear episodes. Main article: Top Gear controversies. Retrieved 13 December Broadcasters' Audience Research Board.

Retrieved 17 February Agence France-Presse. Retrieved 7 July BBC News. The Guardian. Top Gear. List of episodes. Challenges Power Lap Times Races. Categories : British television seasons Top Gear seasons. Hidden categories: Use British English from December Use dmy dates from April All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from February Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Promotional poster. List of Top Gear episodes.

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